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Musical :Mozart!” 10th Anniversary Performance




JYJ Kim Junsu Starring!

<Mozart which lead the dosmetic and European Musical entertainment mythst!>
10th Anniversary Performance!
40 years of hit musical asterpiece by Michael Kunze and Sylvester Levay!


Date& Time

From 2020-06-11 (Thu) to 2020-08-09 (Sun)

[First Schedule]
2020-06-11 (Thu)-2020-07-05 (Sun)

[Second Schedule]
2020-07-07 (Tue)-2020-07-23 (Thu)

Please come to Korea with plenty of time


Sejong Grand Theater/ 세종문화회관 대극장
(175 Sejong-daero, Jongno-gu, Seoul/ 종로구 세종로 세종대로 175)


Wolfgang Mozart: Kim Junsu/ Park Eun-tae / Park Kang-hyun
Constanze Weber: Kim Sohyang/ Kim Youngji / Hena
Colloredo: Min Youngki / Song Junho
Leopold Mozart: Yoon Young-seok / Hong Kyung-seo
Waldstatten: Shin Young-sook / Kim So-hyun

*The schedule above is subject to change without prior notice due to the circumstances of the production company and actors.


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[First Schedule(2020-06-11-18)] 2020-01-20 (Mon) 20:00

[Second Schedule (2020-07-07-23)] 2020-05-27 (Wed) 14:00-


Basic Reservation Fee [Ticket + Arrangement Fee

USD 200

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From reservation to payment...FREE
Ticket sale 2 days before payment... USD 30
One day prior to the ticket sale, within one day of securing tickets USD 120
Reserved 2 days or more to 20 days before the performance..70% of the total amount
(including option fee)
19 days before the performance or after EMS shipping FULL AMOUNT
(including option fee)

All cancellation fees will be charged per ticket
The customer will be responsible for the remittance fee between banks in case of refund.


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